At-Home Program


Designed for parents as a way to help their children during bouts of anxiety, depression, and emotional outbursts; the guided Happy Spots At Home program provides a way for children to build lifelong positive habits from the comfort of home

Happy Spots encourages training to help make sure the program is utilized to it's maximum effectiveness.
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At Home Relaxation Meditation for Kids

Guided Manual

Our research-based manual will help parents guide their children through the program with tips for ways to help the program stick. This manual is specifically crafted to help children struggling with anxiety, depression, emotional outbursts, and other mental health disorders. It can also be useful for any child in learning ways to identify their emotions, regulate their emotions, and set achievable goals. The manual includes a timeline to follow, the science behind the program, and additional resources to help emphasize the Social-Emotional Learning aspect. 

Additional Accessories and Tools

To help make the program easy-to-use and fun for children, every Happy Spots Program includes the following elements:

  • 5 poly spots to help practice the different stages of the exercise
  • A selection of visualization chips to initially help classrooms choose a scenario to visualize
  • Phrases and motions to help children better learn the exercise


Optional Accessories

  • Big Life Journal: Give your child a chance to further explore and identify their emotions with the guidance of a Big Life Journal. These journals include various topics to help children when their emotions feel too overwhelming.
  • One-On-One Training Session: Need further guidance? Meet with a Happy Spots Certified coach to help answer any questions, guide you through the program, and help mold it to best fit your lifestyle.