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  • why kids need to meditate
    Why Kids Need to Meditate

    5 Reasons Kids Need to Meditate The topic of meditation often gets mixed responses. Some may swoon and go on to talk about how life changing meditation has been for them, while others may say “meh, not for me.” All of our minds are unique and we each have very personal and different ways of […]

  • vision board
    Tips For Creating a Vision Board That Works

    5 Tips for Creating a Vision Board that Works…for kids and adults! Vision Boards should be fun and motivating. If they are done correctly they absolutely do work to propel you towards your goals and keep you in a state of joy and gratitude. Keep it fresh. Pick images that make you feel positive emotions. […]

  • why kids need to meditate
    ADD / ADHD – Increase Attention Span Naturally

    Trouble concentrating, ADD/ADHD? This one simple change can help increase attention span, naturally. 10 tabs open on the laptop, incessant cell phone checking, social scrolling, texting…all at the same time?! I meekly raise my hand. Yes, that was me until I started noticing what it was doing to my ability to complete a task from […]

  • Improve child's confidence
    Improve Your Child’s Confidence in 2 Simple Steps.

    Trying to teach your kid to become their own superhero? What not to say… Don’t be scared / Just try it / I will be so proud of you / You will have so much fun If these don’t work, what are some helpful ways to improve your child’s confidence?! Looking back, each of these […]

  • minimalism for families
    Minimalism For Families…It’s More than Having Less Stuff

    5 Benefits Families Will Achieve by Doing Less  Minimalism for families also means focusing on what matters. Imagine you are playing a board game with your kids. Everyone is engaged and having fun. Then, you remember you need to put the laundry in the dryer and gather a new load, and your mind fixates on […]

  • SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder Help
    Seasonal Affective Disorder Have You Feeling “Stuck”?

    Here are 10 ideas to overcome seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and boost your mood now. Have you noticed a change in your mental health during the winter months? Chances are your kids do too. Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is common. Research* supports that time changes associated with Daylight Savings Time are also linked to […]

  • mindfulness, kids, family
    Mindfulness for beginners – kid friendly activities to bring your family into the moment, together!

    The winter doldrums have arrived and we are all looking for ways to add some fun into the shorter and colder days.  All of the ideas below allow for opportunities to involve the entire family in the planning, and preparation which increases buy-in, and extends the activity beyond the time it takes to actually do […]

  • visualization kids
    What is Visualization and Why Do I Need it in My Mental Health Toolkit?

    What is Visualization and Why Do I Need it in My Mental Health Toolkit? Visualization is one of the easiest and most effective practices for elevating your emotional state, building confidence, and resetting your mind during times of stress. Visualization targets your limbic system, specifically your amygdala. The amygdala is the emotional control center of […]

  • easy mindfulness
    What is Mindfulness? 8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health Now

      Mindfulness can be anything that helps you stay present and aware of what you are doing.  This casts a wide net, but it also means everyone has many opportunities to be mindful and enjoy moments in their day to improve their mental well being. The more you are able to incorporate your senses, the […]

  • 8 Kid-Friendly Activities to Replace Screen Time

    We live in a screen obsessed world. From time binging tv shows on Netflix to hours spent playing video games. It’s hard to go anywhere without noticing someone checking their social media. Even right now, you’re most likely reading this blog on your phone.  While excessive screen time isn’t good for anyone, it is particularly […]