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My Happy Spot

I am a former educator that is passionate about helping our youth develop healthier habits that support mental and emotional well-being leading to lives of limitless potential and resilience. I spent my own childhood avoiding situations that were challenging or anxiety provoking as I lacked the tools to cope properly. As a young adult, I developed a pattern of spiraling into severe anxiety every time I had a significant life adjustment like a new job, relationship, or a move. While therapists suggested self-care activities and meditation, I always felt too busy or that it didn’t apply to me or wouldn’t work for me. I did take medication, but never took the time to learn healthier coping skills along with it. After having my first child, I went into a state of post-partum anxiety and depression that impacted my ability to work and properly care for my child that I loved so dearly. It was devastating to say the least. With my body being in such a sensitive state, I experienced an adverse reaction to the countless medications I tried, so I went on a long and bumpy journey to find an alternative method to find stability so I could be the mother, wife, and woman I so desperately wanted to be, and knew I could be.

I spent two years experimenting with every modality you could imagine along with every natural supplement under the sun with limited success, until I stumbled across visualization. I heard a few success stories and it was enough for me to really apply myself and give it a try. Within one month, my anxiety and depression lifted, I could sleep soundly, and I was able to look at the outside world again without feeling fear or disconnect. I even healed from stress-related physical ailments. I went on to have another child and had a peaceful and gratifying post-partum experience, thanks to visualization. While the results took time, I have learned that all the quick fixes our society turns to do not offer lasting results or true change. I am grateful to all of the parents, therapists, coaches, and doctors that are implementing Happy Spots to empower young people to care for themselves and reach for their wildest dreams.

With Gratitude,



Kristin Fara

I am a sixteen-year educator with a masters in Curriculum and Instruction and an endorsement in English as a Second Language.

I have spent the majority of my career teaching at the intermediate level.  I am a certified Youth Mental Health Aid as well.  I have a passion for helping children with emotional needs.

My journey in teaching has had its shares of ups and downs.  It became very clear that my students needed something more than just teaching them our core curriculum over the past few years.  After having my first child, it made me rethink the type of educator and mother I strive to be.

The realization that “every child is someone’s child” really resonated with me.  Now more than ever, I see so many students struggling with emotions and day-to-day stresses brought on from social media, social situations, news feeds, and even their own family members.

My desire to help these students find a healthy balance in this ever-evolving world became even stronger.  Working with students to find their Happy Spots is ultimately what brings me to my Happy Spot.