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    Kid-Friendly mindfulness that works really fast

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Quick Results

Users often report immediate benefits to their well-being after their first time using the activity. Over time, the program provides kids with the tools to manage their emotions.


Every child is different, which is why Happy Spots can be tailored to meet various mental, emotional, and physical needs while still captivating users from ages 7 to 17.

Embraces all Learning Styles

To engage the whole brain, we utilize visual, auditory, reading, writing, and kinesthetic learning to make meditation and mindfulness fun while delivering immediate results.


Happy Spots can be used anytime and anywhere. Depending on the user's schedule and needs, the activity can be adjusted to last 10 minutes or 30 minutes.


Happy Spots is an entirely hands-on activity that encourages and engages the user’s imagination while creating a healthy break from screentime.

Builds Confidence

Help kids learn the power of their mind as they practice taking charge of their state of being. Happy Spots works well in crisis situations or to simply set short and long-term goals.


Happy Spots is meditation that really works, really fast! It is a practice for all children and teens, whether they’re struggling with mental health or not. We embrace movement, imagination, affirmations, visualization and practical meditation. Almost like trying on a new pair of shoes and wearing them until they’re comfortable, the program gives kids a chance to practice finding and developing positive emotions to turn to in their times of anger, stress, and sadness. After just a few times with the Happy Spots exercise, children will be able to practice the program independently and start implementing the new skills they learn from the program. While Happy Spots is a great practice on its own, it also works as an excellent supplement to therapy, SEL programs, and other mental health tools.

How is Happy Spots different?

It is an active meditation practice that is developmentally appropriate and it works! Many mindfulness and meditation resources for kids offer foundational teaching, but don't go far enough for kids to improve their state of being in the long run. Happy Spots goes beyond foundational to transformational. We teach young people an evidence-based technique, rooted in neuroscience, to not only build awareness of how their thoughts and emotions are impacting them but to actually strengthen pathways in the brain associated with positive emotions. We put kids in the driver's seat of their well-being and teach them how to train their brain for happiness and limitless potential using an engaging meditation and visualization practice appropriate for kids and teens. This is a skill that they can use throughout their lives to help them build confidence and overcome any challenges.

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Where Can It Be Used?

Everywhere! We believe the best program is one that reaches kids whether they’re at home, in the classroom or attending therapy, which is why Happy Spots was developed with a three-tiered approach in mind. The program is easily transferable between spaces, whether it involves multiple participants like in a classroom or group therapy or focus on a single child at home or in a counseling session. No matter the space, Happy Spots allows kids to practice identifying and choosing which emotions they want to embody.

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    Our program for schools emphasizes Social Emotional Learning, helping to improve behavior and academic outcomes for students. Perfect for both group sessions in the classroom or one-on-one with the school counselor, Happy Spots can help your students establish and achieve their goals.

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    As the original Happy Spots program, this version is designed to be an easy-to-use, guided exercise to help families work through anxiety attacks and emotional outbursts amongst their children. It's also a way to proactively teach children how to process their emotions and curtail outburst before they happen. Not only does it help kids find a sense of calm and build confidence, but it’s a fun activity for the whole family - yes, even parents!

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    Our program combines the power of mindfulness, visualization, and affirmation to help guide kids toward better emotional regulation. While this program is particularly helpful for anxiety, anger management, and depression, the habits developed are a great tool to pre-emptively help all children face any of life's challenges that arise.

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  • For Teachers

    Our highly interactive program is great for the classroom as a fun and practical activity. Through a series of motions and guided visualizations, teachers can help start their students’ day with a sense of confidence and happiness while encouraging a growth mindset.

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  • For Parents

    Help your child discover their confidence, bravery, and joy as they step into the world of Happy Spots. Not only will you be helping them gain control of their emotions, but you will be setting them up for success in their social skills, empathy, and focus.

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    Expand your clients’ mental health tool box by teaching them the Happy Spots method. Not only does this give them complete control over their mental health, but it will help them fight their anxiety and interrupt their cycles of trauma regardless of if they’re in therapy or at home.

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