to find their Happy Spot and live without limits.

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According to the CDC, 7.1% of children ages 3-17 are diagnosed with anxiety. Of those diagnosed, only 6 in 10 receive treatment. Even if treatment is received, it can be difficult to find a long-term solution without requiring frequent supervision from an adult to help the young person struggling with anxiety or other mental health disorders.


What it is?

Happy Spots is an engaging visualization activity that incorporates all of the learning modalities, making it easy and fun to embody your best self and create the day and future you desire. It can be used at home or school as a morning warm-up.

Happy Spots is research-based and aligned to the SEL (Social-Emotional Learning Standards).

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Where Can It Be Used?

Whether working one on one with students, in a group setting, or for support that can be carried from school to home, Happy Spots is an engaging and effective resource that goes beyond Social-Emotional Learning, allowing students to practice identifying emotions, and choosing which emotions they want to embody.

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    Our program for schools emphasizes Social Emotional Learning, helping to improve behavior and academic outcomes for students. Perfect for both group sessions in the classroom or one-on-one with the school counselor, Happy Spots can help your students establish and achieve their goals.

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    As the original Happy Spots program, this version is designed to be an easy-to-use, guided exercise to help families work through anxiety attacks and emotional outbursts amongst their children. It's also a way to proactively teach children how to process their emotions and curtail outburst before they happen. Not only does it help kids find a sense of calm and build confidence, but it’s a fun activity for the whole family - yes, even parents!

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    Our program combines the power of mindfulness, visualization, and affirmation to help guide kids toward better emotional regulation. While this program is particularly helpful for anxiety, anger management, and depression, the habits developed are a great tool to pre-emptively help all children face any of life's challenges that arise.

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  • For Teachers

    Our highly interactive program is great for the classroom as a fun and practical activity. Through a series of motions and guided visualizations, teachers can help start their students’ day with a sense of confidence and happiness while encouraging a growth mindset.

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  • For Parents

    Help your child discover their confidence, bravery, and joy as they step into the world of Happy Spots. Not only will you be helping them gain control of their emotions, but you will be setting them up for success in their social skills, empathy, and focus.

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    Expand your clients’ mental health tool box by teaching them the Happy Spots method. Not only does this give them complete control over their mental health, but it will help them fight their anxiety and interrupt their cycles of trauma regardless of if they’re in therapy or at home.

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